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Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Rate of return Pages: 4 (1168 words) Published: February 2, 2011
1. “Efficient cash management will aim at maximizing the availability of cash inflows by decentralizing collections and cash outflows by centralizing disbursements”. Discuss from the point of cash conversion cycle. 2. Which of the two dividend policies, steady or dividends with fluctuating earnings would you recommend? Would your recommendations be different for a new company as distinct from one which has been in existence for a period of one decade? 3. “Many companies calculate the internal rate of return of the incremental after-tax cash flows from financial leases”. What problems do you think this may give rise to? To what rate should the rate of return be compared? Discuss. 4. If your company wants to raise long term loans from the capital market for meeting its future needs, as a Finance Manager which sources you would prefer and why?


1. Compare the competitive strategies adopted by leading telecom companies in India. Which is more successful? Why? 2. Identify a FMCG company successfully diversified into durable products market and a durable manufacturing company failed to diversify in any other category. Discuss the reasons. 3. Compare between “cost leadership” Vs “Product differentiation” strategies. Provide suitable examples from corporate world. 4. What do you understand by competitive advantage? Explain how this is critical towards maintaining the leadership in the market. Use automobile market as an example.


1. Discuss the integration of e-commerce and WWW site advertising with mainstream advertising and commercials. Identify any two companies and their respective commercials they use for their product. Each commercial used (TV/radio commercial, newspaper or magazine ad, or billboard) should have the company’s who site clearly identified. (Example Ford TV commercial, and at the end of the commercial it shows provide a copy of...
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