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  • Published : September 10, 2009
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How Can an MBA Change Your Life?

How Can an MBA Change Your Life?
University of Phoenix

How Can an MBA Change Your Life?

An MBA is a post graduate Master of Business Administration degree that can lead to high-level careers in business, management industries, and finance. An MBA allows an individual the opportunity to obtain a better management position in corporate America and government jobs. Personality assessments provide individuals with the understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the outcome of an assessment, an individual would have a choice on which career path would better suit them, as a result, it helps them to determine which degree to pursue. The Jungian 16-type personality assessment scored me as an ISTJ personality type. The assessment of an ISTJ personality shows my personality as organized, compulsive, private, trustworthy, and practical. I have a possible career choice as an office manager, accountant, business manager, tax agent, and a public servant (Eggert, 2000). The following is the breakdown of the letters, which classifies the ISTJ personality: I (Introversion), S (Sensing), T (Thinking) and J (Judgment) (Eggert, 2000). An MBA will give you a dynamic life experience, and it will assist you with three main value propositions: skills, brand and network. MBA graduates are in high demand due to their qualifications and skills. After graduating from an MBA program, the graduate has increased their qualifications, but they have also increased their market ability. The skills an MBA graduate learns are finance, marketing, economics, operations management, accounting, leadership, teamwork, ethics, and communication (skills which are crucial for effective management). The skills are acquired inside and outside the classroom. Career paths for MBA graduates are numerous and include jobs in accounting, finance, human resource management, manager information systems, manufacturing,...
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