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Topics: Strategic management, Vertical integration, Decision making Pages: 26 (5430 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Strategic Management 1

Question The actual performance deviates positively over the budgeted performanve. This is an indication of superior performance Correct Answer True
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Question Bajaj started manufacturing of sunny is an example of ________. Correct Answer concentration strategy
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question A Company's strategy
Correct Answer Vital ingredient in determinig it's future , Yields growth, profits etc , may result in disaster if inappropriate Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question supplier & technological environment is concerned with Correct Answer quality & no. of suppliers , logistics, raw material , trends and rate of change of technology Multiple Choice Single Answer

Question Mass media includes
Correct Answer radio, TV, internet etc.
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question The objective to maximize value of the enterprize by striking a mean between liquidity, risk and profitability is Correct Answer Receivables planning
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Question GATT stands for ________.
Correct Answer general agreement on trade & tariff
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Maintain strategies means
Correct Answer no change in strategies
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Question Factors leading to personnel capability are________. Correct Answer IR, OB
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question The aim in stability strategies is-
Correct Answer move slowly & surely
Question Labour satisfaction may result in unethical behaviour as anger. Correct Answer False
Question Getting new users is a position defense strategy.
Correct Answer False
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Magnitude of the decision outcome and scope of their impact on the decision maker's domain of activity is Correct Answer significance
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Question Like roots of a tree, ________of organization is hidden from direct view. Correct Answer core competence
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question The major issues of appraisal system are
Correct Answer Factors of appraisal , Relevance of apprasial , Procedure of appraisal Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question Performance is affected by
Correct Answer Distorted resource allocation , Inappropriate structure , Wrong motivational styles Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question Factors to be considered while deciding candidates for divestiture are Correct Answer taxes , availability of buyers , market reaction Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Investment entry mode are
Correct Answer joint venture/independent ventures/subsidiaries Select The Blank
Question ________ is the company's most critical and scarest resource. Correct Answer Capital
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Corporate strategy ensures
Correct Answer fit between the firm and its environment
Question Arranging training program on productivity is a strategic decision. Correct Answer False
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Question ________ is a modern plant consisting of modules centered around a stage in the production process Correct Answer Flotilla concept
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question The various areas covered by social responsibility are Correct Answer Inner Circle , Intermediate circle , Outer Circle Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question It is designed to monitor a broad range of events inside and outside the company that are likely to threaten a firm's strategy Correct Answer Strategic surveillance
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question It refers to the relatively more durable company arrangements and relationships Correct Answer Structure
Question Analysis of variances leads to a plan for corrective action Correct Answer True
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question This strategic posture takes the current industry structure and its future evolution as given and then react to the opportunities the market offers Correct Answer Adapters
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Question Cadbury's add in...
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