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Authorization Letter Sample
Writing authorization letters which are used for giving consent or assigning someone to act on your behalf, is a quite difficult task for many. This article will provide you with some authorization letter samples, which will make writing task easier for you.

Authorization letters are used for business, medical, insurance, loan, legal and personal reasons. Authorization letters better known as letter of authorization, are generally used to grant some privileges or assign permission to another individual for a work to be done on your behalf. In simple words, authorization letters are used to authorize another person on your behalf. Sometimes authorization letters are also used to authorize a report or legal representation or sometimes even for a medical treatment. Though authorization letters are counted as a vital element of business writing, sometimes it may be used for personal reasons like authorizing a specific gardener to enter the house in the afternoon and water the plants or anything regarding a personal work. Before looking at some business and personal authorization letter samples, its better to first understand the basic authorization letter sample format. 

Instructions on Authorization Letter Format
As authorization letters require professional letter writing skills and to delegate responsibility and grant permission there should be an accurate use of words. If you don't give correct and precise instructions, it may lead to miscommunication. Also determine the type and purpose of the authorization and note down the responsibilities you want to assign the person.

Firstly write the receiver's name and address correctly. Also include some identification information like a phone number or any other identification that will help to avoid the misuse of the letter in any form. 

Introduction : Many a times the first paragraph is ignored, but this it is also a very important part of the letter. Always identify the...
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