Mba Second Semester Ii

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Management Science(CP-201) MBA-II SEMESTER

Course Contents Management Science - Basic concepts and its role in decision- making; Linear programming, meaning, scope & assumptions. Formulation of linear programming problem & solution by graphical & Simplex methods. Some special cases like degeneracy, unbounded ness, infeasibility and multiple optimal solutions. Sensitivity analysis. Integer programming, goal programming, dynamic programming and non-linear Programming. Transportation and Assignment models including trans-shipment and routing problems; Some special cases like minimization , unbalanced problems, degeneracy in transportation models. Queuing theory; Inventory management techniques; PERT/CPM; Decision theory and decision trees; Game theory; Simulation.

Suggested Readings :
1.Budnik, Frank S. Dennis Meleavey, Reichard : Principles of Operations Research, 2 nded., Richard Irwin,Illinois – All India Traveller Bookseller, New Delhi, 1995. 2.Gould, F.J. etc. : Introduction to Management Science, Englwood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc.,1993. 3.Mathur, K and Solow, D. : Management Science, Englewood, New Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc., 1994. 4.Narang A.S. : Linear Programming Decision-Making. New Delhi, Sultan Chand, 1995. 5.Sharma, J.K. : Operations Research : Theory and Applications, New Delhi, Macmillian India Ltd., 1997. 6.Taha, H.A. : Operations Research – An Introduction, New York, Macmillan, 1989. 7.Theirouf, R.J. and Klekamp, RC. : Decision-Making Through Operations Research, New York, John Wiley,1989. 8.N.D. Vohra : Quantitative Techniques in Management, Tata McGraw Hill, 2001.

Prescribed Book:
1. V.K Kapoor.: Operations Research, Techniques For Management

Evaluation Scheme MBA - SEMESTER-II
Paper Code: CP—2O1 Nomenclature: Management Science Max. Marks: 100 External: 70 internal : 30 Time :3 Hours

Assignment No. 1
1. Give the different phases of Operations Research and explain their significance for decision-making. 2. A company is making two products A and B. the cost of producing one unit of product A and B is Rs. 60 and Rs. 80, respectively. As per the agreement, the company has to supply at least 200 Units of product B to its regular customers. One unit of product A requires one machine hour whereas product B has machine hours available abundantly within the company. Total machine hours available for product A are 400 hours. One unit of each product A and B requires one labour hour each and total of 500 labour hours are available. The company wants to minimize the cost of production by satisfying the given requirements. FORMULATE the problem as a linear programming problem. 3. What do you understand by a Linear Programming Problem? What are its major limitations? 4. Following data are available for a firm which manufactures three items A, B and C: Time required (in hours) Products A B C Firm's Capacity Assembly 10 4 5 2000 Finishing 2 5 4 1009 Profit 800 600 300

(i) Explain the above data in the form of linear programming problem to maximize the profit from the production, (ii) Solve it by simplex method.


Assignment No. 2

1. Discuss the similarities and differences between the stepping-stone method And the MODI method in solving a transportation problem. 2. The Bombay Transport Company has trucks available at four different sites in the following number: State A-% Trucks, Site B- 10 Trucks, Site C-7 Trucks, Site D- 3 Trucks Customers W, X and Y require trucks as shown: Customer W -5 Trucks, CustomerX-8 Trucks, Customer Y -10 Trucks variable costs getting trucks to the customers are : From A to W- Rs. 7, to X-Rs. 3, to Y- Rs.6 From B to W – Rs. 4, to X- Rs. 6, to Y-Rs.8 From C to W- Rs. 5, to X-Rs. 8, to Y- Rs.4 From D to W- Rs. 8, to X-Rs. 4, to Y- Rs.3 Solve the above transportation problem. 3. What is an unbalanced assignment problem? How is the Hungarian assignment method . applied in respect of such a problem? 4. A Salesman has to visit five cities A,B,C,D and E....
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