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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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My post MBA plan is to begin a career in brand management at a leading consumer goods company. In the long run I hope to advance in my career in brand management and become a category general manager, handling multiple brands for a major, multi-national Fortune 500 Company. I want to be a brand manager because I am fascinated by the understanding of consumer behavior to solve problems and the power of marketing to drive a brand’s profitability. In order to become more familiar with the job of being a brand manager I studied. In this experience, I learned that strong analytical and leadership skills are necessary to be a successful brand manager.

My education at the University of Michigan enabled me to develop my analytical skills and I am eager to further develop these skills with a Kellog education and apply those to a brand management role. At Michigan, I studied Environmental Economics and Policy which consisted of taking environmental issues and using economic models to find a solution. Similarly, a brand management role will require me to look at a brand and the competitive marketplace, analyze data, and make recommendations to grow the business. I am eager to apply my analytical background professional to drive profitable solutions to consumer problems. Throughout my schooling and work experience I have consistently sought out leadership roles. In college, I was elected as a Vice President which required me to lead a student service committee and motivate and enable the team to execute a wide range of student programs (including scholarships). In my current job, I pursued a role as a leader on the office Fun Team to organize regular office gatherings and team building events.

I am certain that a Kellog MBA is the best option for me to achieve my career goals. Kellog’s unique brand management program immediately caught my attention and I am especially interested in the Brand Management Workshop class that will provide me with the tools necessary to be...
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