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M.B.A. (Sem. - III)

(2008 Course)
Time : 3 Hours] Instructions to the candidates: 1) Answer any five questions. 2) All questions carry equal marks. [Max. Marks : 70

Q1) Explain provisions of Factories Act for Leave with Wages. Q2) Explain provisions for Residential Hotels Restaurants and Eating Houses under Bombay Shop and Establishment Act. Q3) Explain provisions for Registration of Contractors. Q4) Explain in detail concept of Minimum Wage. How can it be fixed? Q5) Explain eligibility of Bonus, Minimum and Maximum Bonus and Set Off under Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. Q6) Explain any seven deductions under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936. Q7) Describe in detail provisions for Gratuity. Q8) Write short notes on any two: a) Health provisions under Factories Act. b) Leave provisions under Shop Act. c) Disqualification from Bonus. d) Forfeiture of Gratuity. e) Allocable Surplus. rrr

Total No. of Questions : 8]

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M.B.A. (Sem. - III)

(2008 Course)
Time : 3 Hours] Instructions to the candidates: 1) Answer any five questions. 2) All questions carry equal marks. [Max. Marks : 70

Q1) Explain importance of maintaining Sound Industrial Relations. Define the term Industrial Relations. Q2) Explain in detail Gandhian and Psychological approach to Industrial Relations. Q3) What is Collective Bargaining? If it fails due to adamancy of Trade Union as IR Manager, you are advised to suggest remedies to management. Q4) Explain Role of Judiciary on Industrial Relations. Q5) Analyse effect of Globalization on Industrial Relations. Q6) Discuss in detail various causes of Industrial Disputes. Q7) Explain any 7 misconducts understanding orders. Q8) Write short notes on any two: a) Functions of Trade Union. b) Characteristics of Collective Bargaining. c) Advantages of workers participation in Management. d) HRD and Industrial Relations. e) Conciliation. rrr

Total No. of Questions : 7]

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Time : 3 Hours] Instructions to the candidates: 1) Attempt any five questions. 2) Use of electronic pocket calculator is allowed. 3) All questions carry equal marks.

[3675] - 304 M.B.A. (303 B) : Advanced Financial Management (2008 Pattern)

[Max. Marks :70

Accounting Standards : Q1) a) b) Define and explain the term “Accounting Standards”. State the various International Accounting Standards.

Q2) Describe the Arbitrage Process under Modigliani-Miller Approach (MM) with one hypothetical example and the points on which MM approach is criticized. Q3) Explain the important factors to be considered while deciding Dividend payout. Q4) A newly formed company has to prepare an estimate of working capital requirements for the coming year. The information about the projected Profit & Loss A/C of the company is as under. Particulars Amount in Rs. Sales 21,00,000 Less : Cost of goods sold 15,30,000 Gross Profit 5,70,000 Less : Administrative expenses 1,40,000 Selling expenses 1,30,000 Profit before tax 3,00,000 Provision for tax 1,00,000 Cost of goods sold has been derived as follows Materials used 8,40,000 Add : Wages and other 6,25,000 manufacturing exp Add : Depreciation 2,35,000 17,00,000 Less : Stock of F.G. 1,70,000 (10% produced not yet sold) 15,30,000 P.T.O.

The figures above relate only to the goods that have been finished and not to those in process, Goods equal to 15% of the year’s production (in terms of physical units) are in process, requiring on an average full materials but only 40% of other expenses. The company believes in keeping two months consumption of material in stock. All expenses are paid in one month in arrears, suppliers of materials extend one and half months credit. Sales are 20% cash and the rest at two months credit, 70% of the income tax has to be paid in advance in quarterly instalments. Cash...
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