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Course Outline MBA Semester 1 October 2010
20th December 2010
MBA Course Leader: Dr. Rajendra Kumar: Course Administrators: Assignment Deadline



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Financial Analysis and Management
Module Description Learning Outcomes Indicative Content Delivery Indicative Reading List Lecture Sequence 6-8 Sample Questions 9-16

Information Systems Management
Module Description 17 Learning Outcomes 17 Indicative Content 17 Delivery 18 Indicative Reading List 18 Lecture Sequence 19-20 Sample Questions 21-24

Managing Human Capital
Module Description 25 Learning Outcomes 25 Indicative Content 25


Delivery 25 Indicative Reading List 26 Lecture Sequence 27-28 Sample Questions 29-30 Assignment


Marketing Management
Module Description 32 Learning Outcomes 32 Indicative Content 32 Delivery 33 Indicative Reading List 34 Lecture Sequence 35-36 Sample Questions 37-40 Case Studies 41-65

Module Title:

Financial Analysis and Management

Module Lecturers: S. Palan/Makailla McConnell
1. Module Description:
This module is designed to provide all business students with an overview of how accounting data is used in making business decisions. The subject covers a broad range of topics including the regulatory framework of accounting, preparation and analysis of financial statements, investment analysis and ethics in accounting. It provides students with basic skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable them to process financial data, to analyse and interpret accounting reports, and to present the results within an ethical framework, to financial decision makers. This module also provides a comprehensive coverage of financial management from a corporate perspective, together with a comprehensive coverage of relevant financial mathematics. It examines the


core objectives of corporate financial management and the application of a range of analytical techniques and technologies to investment, financing and dividend decisions. The module also examines the impact of different income tax systems on investment evaluation from both a corporate and shareholder perspective. The module also aims to provide students having career interests in accounting and finance with an introduction to the theory and practice of financial management from a corporate perspective. It examines the objectives of corporate financial management and the theory and practice of the investment, asset management and financing decisions necessary to achieve those objectives.


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to:

• • • • •

Prepare, analyse and interpret financial accounting reports. • Compare the performance of one business with others, and the returns on business with those on other investment options. • Interpret data and reports. Implement internal controls and prepare reconciliations. Discuss how financial markets operate. Identify, analyse and solve financial problems confronting business enterprises, particularly problems relating to corporate investment, asset management and financing decisions Use analytical techniques and electronic aids appropriate to contemporary financial decision making. Discuss issues of capital budgeting. Analyse the impact of economic, legal and tax changes on the strategic and financial position of the firm. Discuss and analyse the international financial environment.


Indicative Content:
• • • • • • • • The relationship between the three main financial statements. Conceptual foundations of accrual accounting. The basis of financial decision making Sources of finance, understand stock market information and exchange rates and analyse capital investment opportunities. Alternative profit plans using cost-volume-profit analysis. Manufacturing...
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