Mba Marketing Project Goals

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Customer relationship management Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: December 24, 2012
The purpose of this presentation is to present senior management with the marketing projects goals for Global Gadget Imports (GGI). Based on the scenario the objectives are to include financial or qualitative and quantitative objectives. I will also briefly describe the essential marketing concepts that may be used. I will explain the departments that will be affected or supported as a result of using this marketing project and how and why they are affected. Lastly, I will define Customer Relationship Marketing and whether or not the marketing project should focus on existing or new customers (CTU On-Line, 2012). The goals of the marketing project are to increase sales of existing and new products by expanding product lines to include house ware products, repackaging and brand existing products and increase brand awareness through qualitative, financial and quantitative objectives (CTU On-Line, 2012). Qualitative objectives can be obtained through brand imaging, awareness, and attitude and positioning (Wickford, n.d.). GGI must also determine what customer to target, assess their business goals and provide a measurement plan. Qualitative objectives for the new product line would be creating new sales by having GGI understanding what customers are looking for in new house ware products. GGI must understand the motivating factors of the customer and why they choose to buy GGI’s products over the competitors. GGI must also be creative with the placement of their new product line in the market and tackle any arising positioning issues that may come about with introducing the new line (Naslund, 2008). Financial objectives can be obtained by knowing what it will cost to launch a marketing project for increasing brand imaging, awareness and for the new product line as well as, how profitable or detrimental the launch may be to the company. GGI will need to set their financial objectives in order to be able to measure their anticipated profits by launching a campaign to...
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