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Please go through the following instructions before answering the questions:-

1. Answer the questions in their proper chronological order. 2. Questions need to be answered on full-scap A4 size papers and filed subject-wise 3. Answers have to be handwritten and by the person who has enrolled for the course. 4. Use blue / black ink for writing the answer sheets

5. Each page of the answer sheet has to be signed by the candidate. 6. Answer sheets along with question papers should be sent to BIPM by date 10-Apr-2011; else penalty of Rs. 50/- will be levied per day for every day delayed & beyond date 25-Apr-2011 papers for current semester will not be accepted at all. 7. Photocopy or any printed material will not be accepted. 8. Answer to each question should be of at least 250 words. 9. This sheet is to be attached on top of the answer sheets set.


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Masters Program in Business Administration


Submitted by: - _______________________ Max. Marks: - 100

All the questions are compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16marks each and the last questions shall be of 20 marks.

Q1(a) What are Managerial Functions?

(b) If you were the Chief Executive Officer of a large Corporation, how would you “Institutionalize” ethics in the Corporation?

Q2(a) “Planning is looking ahead & Control is looking back” - Comment.

(b) Why are contingency strategies important?

Q3(a) “Decision making is the primary task of the manager.” Comment.

(b) A formal organization is often conceived as a communications system. Is it? How?

Q4(a) Why do most small companies use functionally organized departments?

(b) Do you see any reasons why managing by objectives may result in increased use of matrix organizational structures?

Q5(a) What is motivation? How does effective managing take advantage of & Contribute to motivation?

(b) What would you recommend for making committees effective?

Q6(a) Discuss the role of electronic media in communication.

(b) Why is real time information not good enough for effective control?

(c) Why does most control of overall performance tend to be financial? Should they be? What else would you suggest?


Submitted by: - _______________________ Max. Marks: - 100

All the questions are compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16marks each and the last questions shall be of 20 marks.

Q1(a) What are the basic elements of social responsibility?

(b) How can you remove cross-cultural illiteracy?

Q2(a) What are the limitations of social responsibility?

(b) How is environmental scanning useful to international business?

Q3(a) What factors must a firm consider while addressing the make or Buy decision?

(b) Why are brand names an important marketing tool for international business?

Q4(a) Why do home countries oppose export of technology?

(b) How are product decisions made in international business?

Q5(a) How do international businesses seek to minimize foreign exchange risks?

(b) What is FDI? Why is it preferable to other routes of international business?

Q6(a) Is TKM’s ambition of capturing 33per cent of the Indian car Market reliable? If yes, how? If no, why?

(b) Write notes on:

(1) International division structure....
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