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MI0034- Database Management system
MI0034- Database Management system

Zafar Ishtiaq- 531111145
Answers .

Zafar Ishtiaq- 531111145
Answers .

Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester III
MI0034 – Database Management System -
Assignment - Set- 1
Answer all the questions
Q1. Differentiate between Traditional File System & Modern Database System? Describe the properties of Database & the Advantage of Database?

Differentiate between Traditional File System & Modern Database System File Base system were the traditional systems which has been replaced now by modern database systems. All database application are using the Modern day database management systems now a days . The difference between the these two technologies given below. File-based System

File-based systems were an early attempt to computerize the manual filing system. File-based system is a collection of application programs that perform services for the end-users. Each program defines and manages its data. However, five types of problem are occurred in using the file-based approach: Separation and isolation of data

When data is isolated in separate files, it is more difficult for us to access data that should be available. The application programmer is required to synchronize the processing of two or more files to ensure the correct data is extracted. Duplication of data

When employing the decentralized file-based approach, the uncontrolled duplication of data is occurred. Uncontrolled duplication of data is undesirable because:

i.Duplication is wasteful
ii.Duplication can lead to loss of data integrity

Data dependence
Using file-based system, the physical structure and storage of the data files and records are defined in the application program code. This characteristic is known as program-data dependence. Making changes to an existing structure are rather difficult and will lead to a modification of program. Such maintenance activities are time-consuming and subject to error. Incompatible file formats

The structures of the file are dependent on the application programming language. However file structure provided in one programming language such as direct file, indexed-sequential file which is available in COBOL programming, may be different from the structure generated by other programming language such as C. The direct incompatibility makes them difficult to process jointly. Fixed queries / proliferation of application programs

File-based systems are very dependent upon the application programmer. Any required queries or reports have to be written by the application programmer. Normally, a fixed format query or report can only be entertained and no facility for ad-hoc queries if offered. File-based systems also give tremendous pressure on data processing staff, with users' complaints on programs that are inadequate or inefficient in meeting their demands. Documentation may be limited and maintenance of the system is difficult. Provision for security, integrity and recovery capability is very limited. Database Systems:

In order to overcome the limitations of the file-based approach, the concept of database and the Database Management System (DMS) was emerged in 60s. A database is an application that can store and retrieve data very rapidly. The relational bit refers to how the data is stored in the database and how it is organized. When we talk about database, we mean a relational database, in fact an RDBMS - Relational Database Management System. In a relational database, all data is stored in tables. These have the same structure repeated in each row (like a spreadsheet) and it is the relations between the tables that make it a "relational" table

A number of advantages of applying database approach in application system are obtained including: Control of data redundancy
The database approach attempts to eliminate the redundancy by integrating...
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