Mba Aviation

Topics: Air safety, Radar, Aviation Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Masters Program in Business Administration (MBA)
Specializations: - Aviation Management
Note :-
(i) Solve any 10 Questions
(ii) All Question carry equal marks.

Q 1 ) Explain Civil Aviation in Aviation Management ?
Q 2 ) Describe Aviation Sector in India with example ?
Q 3) Explain with example Aircraft Regulation and guidance.? Q 4 ) Explain Air traffic control and its importance ?
Q 5 ) Explain Air Safety Standards In Aviation Industry ?
Q 6 ) Explain Operational Management , Infrastructure Management , Regulatory Management & Security & Safety Management authorities of Aviation Management ? Q 7) Write note on International Air Transport Association(IATA) ? Q 8) Write notes on Aircraft Management Safety Standards Guidelines for Federal Flight Programmes.? Q 9 )  Explain flow of a Fixed base operation (airport support area) to the scheduling of planes and pilots ? Q 10 )  flow of a Fixed base operation (airport support area) to the scheduling of planes and pilots ? Q 11 ) Explain the meaning of following :-

A ) Red channel
B ) Post Flight Check
C) Handling of Disable People
d) Excess Baggage
e ) Special Handling
f ) Aisle
g ) Excursion Fire
h ) Inland Air travel tax

Q 12 ) What are the step involved in pre-flight arrangement of an Aircraft ? Q 13 ) Explain the Procedure of Baggage Handling for an International Flight ? Q 14 ) What is a Seating Chart ? Describe the seating arrangements in an aircraft ?

Q 15 ) Explain the procedure of post-flight arrangement and differentiate post-flight arrangement from pre-flight arrangement ? Q 16 ) Distinguish between trimming and loading . Write about the procedure of loading ?
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