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Topics: Mobile phone, Pearson's chi-square test, Push-button telephone Pages: 3 (589 words) Published: March 29, 2013
In this report, we have attempted to inter-relate details of one demographic and one economic factor of our respondents which formed a part of our survey. The basic objective is to find out whether the age wise classification of mobile phone users relate to the price level of various mobile phones i.e. we have to determine people of which age group purchase mobile phones of which category.The following steps were followed while formulating this report: The data for the assignment was collected as stated above .

* The various categories under each variable(dependent and independent) were coded.This data was incorporated from SPSS software. * A cross-tabulation was done taking the two variables as stated above. This was done using SPSS. The cross table generated the output that showed the number and percentage of respondents in each category. * This was followed by a Pearson’s Chi-square test, which showed the significance of the inter-relationship between two variables . * The relationship thus obtained was analysed and the relevant conclusions were noted.

Input data
We are attempting to find out if there is any significant relationship between two variables,namely age groups of mobile phone users and prices of mobile phones A: Age group classification B:Price levels of mobile phones 1:age group of 15-20 1:price ranging from 1000-5000

2:age group of 20-25 2:pricer ranging from 5000-10000
3:age group of 25-35 3:price ranging from 10000-15000
4:age group of 35 and above 4:price ranging from 15000-25000
5:price ranging from 25000-40000
Explanation of Cross-tabulation...
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