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Topics: Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, Change management, Balance sheet Pages: 4 (635 words) Published: December 14, 2012

DBA 1601-Management Concept:

I. Describe different levels of management and discuss the evaluation of management thought? II. What do you mean by Decision making state different types of decision used in organization? III. Describe the steps in Rational Decision Making with suitable examples.

DBA 1602-Statistics for Management:

1. Find the correlation coefficient to the given Data:
x |63 |54 |68 |75 |92 |55 | |Y |42 |72 |66 |48 |101 |46 | |
2. Find the Rank correlation coefficient to the given Data: X |55 |42 |85 |101 |44 |46 |63 | |Y |82 |95 |95 |101 |63 |80 |85 | | 3. In a bolt factory machines A1,A2,A3 manufacture respectively 25%,35%,40% of the total output of these 5,4,2 percent are defective bolts. A bolt is drawn at random from the product and is found to be defective. What is the probability that it was manufactured by machine A2?

DBA 1603-Economics Foundation of Business Environment:

Assignment 1
1. What is national income & how to measure it?
2. What is Inflation & Deflation?
3. What are the phases of Business Cycle?
4. What are the Characters of Money Market?
5. What is a role of commercial bank in creation of money supply? Assignment 2
1. What is comparative advantage?
2. Difference b/w domestic trade and international Trade? 3. What are the components of balance of payments?(3 Components) 4. What is Macro Economics and its objectives?

DBA 1604 Organization Behaviors:
Note: This is only for Boys
Organization Change:
a. Importance,
b. Stability vs. change,
c. Active vs. Reactive change,
d. The change Process,
e. Resistance to change,
f. Managing Change.
Organization Climate (please refer syllabus) For Girls

DBA 1605-Communication Skills:
Assignment 1:
1. Process of communication?
2. Organizational Structure of Business communication?
3. What is listening & describe the...
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