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Mba Assignment Questions

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Mba Assignment Questions

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Discuss between delegation and decentralization. Cite some of the important obstacles to effective delegation ?

1- Identify 5 successful leaders from corporate and discuss how the traits possessed by them made them successful ?

2- Why would we expect accounting measurement and disclosure practices to vary around the world ? Why might we also expect clustering by accounting practices ? What are the nature and the relevance of classification in the context of a study of comparative accounting systems ?

3- What is the difference between harmonization and standardization ? Which is more appropriate ? If comparability is considered desirable, how should it be achieved ? Do multi-national enterprises warrant special international accounting standards, or should such standards be applied to all companies ?

4- Great Britain struggled with balance of payments deficits throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The general view in the popular press at the time, and to a significant degree in academic debate as well, suggested that it was necessary to impose austerity measures (tight money and domestic spending reductions) to control British imports in or to maintain balance of payments equilibrium. These efforts failed and the pound was devalued in 1967. What kind of theory of balance of payments adjustment do these views imply ? Does that theory make any sense in a world of perfect capital mobility ?

5- The U.S. dollar appreciated very substantially during the gulf war, depreciated back immediately after EURO comes, now it is levelled. Why did this happen ? Was this bad for the U.S. economy ? Can one explain the movements in U.S. real interest rates and the U.S. trade balance by these movements in the real exchange rate ?

6- Discuss the impact of balance of payments in the nation’s economic conditions after LPG ?

7- Illustrate the reasons for the fluctuations in the rate of foreign exchange. Explain how our currency can be made...

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