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Topics: Efficient energy use, Renewable energy, Data center Pages: 9 (3010 words) Published: May 12, 2013
1.0 Introduction
Storage, administration and distribution of Data’s in which the electrical, lighting, cooling and computer systems are designed for optimum energy efficiency and least environment impact is called Green Data Centre (Rick Bauer,2008) . It’s important to consider the green technologies available in these days to design new data centers or upgrade an existing infrastructure. Usually every data centre’s are different and it is necessary to consider the most suitable and effective technologies to be selected for the implementation. The benefits that come from making Data Centre improvements could be tax incentives and also a competitive advantage because more customers are demanding greener services (Murugesan, 2008). During the 2013 Net conference Dr. Albert Esser of Dell emphasized that the Data Centre innovation is the best ways to optimise energy and reduce the carbon foot print and he also stressed that companies can no longer afford to ignore energy efficiency in their IT operations. “Green is not actually a trouble or an expensive issue anymore and if we still decide not to be green we just cannot afford it” said Esser. This paper will provide the pros and cons of Green Data Centres and preliminary information’s of two green technologies. Also this paper covers a detailed case study of Sing Tel’s green data center.

2.0 SWOT Analysis of Green Data Centre
Strength: * Financial Benefits. * Operational Efficiency. * Environmental Benefits.| Weakness : * Undertaking Green Data Centre development is a complex issue. * High investment cost. * Less technology provider.| Opportunities: * Credibility and recognition by clients for their environment-friendly initiatives. * Worldwide environmental regulations to reduce the carbon foot print.| Threat : * Lack of control on the climate (The source of energy). * Rapid change of information technology.|

3.1 Strength :
An energy efficient environment will offer low electrical cost or low energy cost thus a clear financial advantage. An energy efficient environment can offer a denser storage and server work load there by less floor space and freeing up space for business and future IT expansions. With an environmentally frontally offering, a company can uphold its social and corporate policy. Cost of energy is raising, availability is limited and the governments are started to tax the Data Centre infrastructure (CISCO, 2007). With modern available green technologies and strategies available in these days can able to reduce the layout, energy, cooling requirements and resilience at the same time improve the operational efficiency and reduce the cost. 3.2 Weakness

Planning, design and implement a green Data Centre is not an easy undertaking. Business owners need to consider different issues and facts prior to make an economically and environmentally viable solution. To develop a green Data Centre clearly no single “right way”. Investor need to carry out energy audits and assessments of best practices. Developing energy efficient and environmentally friendly Data Centre will require modern technology and strategies and this involves high investment cost and there are only few product and services provider for such technology (Rick Bauer, 2008). 3.3 Opportunity

Aside from cost savings, Green Data Centre’s may also open up market opportunities through increased credibility and recognition by clients for their environment-friendly initiatives. The Data Centre market is set to grow rapidly in the next few years and this represents many opportunities for companies to step forward not only to do their part for the environment, but also to realize cost savings for their business .The Data Centre industry now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry – and we are only headed towards the beginning of an ever growing need for Data storage. To combat their carbon emissions and lower their overall energy costs,...
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