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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Select an organisation that you are familiar with, and analyse and discuss the organisation with respect to the following aspects:

1.The Status Quo (25)
* Describe the theoretical foundations of the strategic management process. * Provide an overview of the strategic management process at the organisation – status quo. * How does the status quo compare with the theory and are the specific organisational goals being achieved?

2.Strategic Analysis (25)
* Describe the theoretical foundations of and motivation for choice of strategic analysis model/s selected to analyse organisation. * Apply the analytical model/s selected, to the organisation over a 5 year period showing trends and how major internal and external factors have led to changes in the organisation’s strategy during this time period.

3.The Future (25)
* Present a five year strategic view of the organisation showing the implications of potentially significant internal and external factors.

4.Recommendations (25)
* Recommend appropriate strategic actions for the organisation. * Provide the theoretical basis for recommending the above actions.

This assignment requires that you read not only your study guide and your prescribed text, but that you also refer to peer-reviewed journal articles for the latest in research on the salient aspects. Please substantiate your discussion with theory from these sources. Documents supplementing the discussion must be attached as annexures, numbered and referred to correctly throughout the document.

Assignment Format
* Word Limit: Your assignment (excluding index, cover page, list of references and appendices) must not exceed 6000 words. * Your assignment should include a Table of Contents page. * Text: Font: Arial or Times New Roman (12), Spacing: 1½ lines...
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