Mba 3rd Sem Profile

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 14 (2480 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Second Year - Third Semester

3.0.1 International Business - University Assessment 100 Marks

Course Content

1. Overview of the International Business Process
2. PEST factors affecting International Business
3. Government influence on trade
4. International Trade Theories
5. FDI
6. Country Evaluation and Selection
7. Collaborative Strategies
8. International Marketing
9. International Trade Agreements
10. International Trade Organizations
11. Forex
12. International HR Strategies
13. International Diplomacy

Reference Text

1. International Business – Daniels and Radebough
2. International Business – Sundaram and Black
3. International Business – Roebuck and Simon
4. International Business – Charles Hill
5. International Business – Subba Rao

3.0.2 Strategic management 100 Marks

Course Content

1. Strategic Management Process: Vision, Mission, Goal, Philosophy, Policies of an Organization. 2. Strategy, Strategy as planned action, Its importance, Process and advantages of planning Strategic v/s Operational Planning. 3. Decision making and problem solving, Categories of problems, Problem solving skill, Group decision making, Phases indecision making. 4. Communication, Commitment and performance, Role of the leader, Manager v/s Leader, Leadership styles. 5. Conventional Strategic Management v/s Unconventional Strategic Management, The differences, Changed Circumstance 6. Growth Accelerators: Business Web, Market Power, Learning based. 7. Management Control, Elements, Components of Management Information Systems 8. Mckinsay’s 7 S Model: Strategy, Style, Structure, Systems, Staff, Skills and Shared values. 9. Group Project

Reference Text

1. Strategic Management – Thompson & Striekland McGraw Hill Irwin 2. Competitive advantage – Michael Porter
3. Competitive strategy – Michael Porter

Optional Group – Marketing

3.1.1 Marketing Strategy – University Assessment – 100 marks  

Course Content

1. Marketing strategy –  Overview
2. Pillars of Marketing – STPD strategies
3. Market situation strategy - Leaders, challengers, followers, nichers      4. Competition analysis – Porter's 5 forces model for competitive environment, Benchmarking exercise, understanding competitive moves and postures 5. Sustainable competitive advantage – Porter's generic strategys 6. Portfolio models – BCG and GE McKinsey matrix

7. New product strategies – Innovation, Market entry, Product line extension 8. Communications strategy –  Managing communications mix for products, brands 9. Advertising and sales promotion strategy - campaigns

10. Brand building – FMCG, Consumer durables & Services cases 11. Distribution strategy – Designing of channel systems, Managing multichannel systems   12. Pricing strategy –  Value pricing, Optimisation of pricing 13. Marketing Planning  - Introduction, growth and mature markets, Pruning of products

Reference Text
1.      Marketing Strategy – Boyd, Walker and Larreche   McGraw Hill Irwin 2.      Marketing strategy – Stephen Schnaars   Free Press 3.      Strategic Market management – David Aaker John wiley & sons 4.      Strategic marketing text & cases - Craverns

3.1.2 Integrated Market Communications 100 marks
Course Contents:

1.     Communication Process – Communication models for urban and rural Communication, Integrated Market Communications
2.     Advertising – Organizational structure of advertising agency and its function. Evaluation of agency functioning.
3.     Advertising objectives with specific reference to DAGMAR, Brand objectives, Consumer attitude and market structure
4.     Brand position and brand image strategy development. 5.     Persuasion and attitudinal change through appropriate copy development. 6.     Creative decisions...
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