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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester II
MB0047 – Management Information Systems - 4 Credits
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Assignment - Set- 2 (60 Marks)

1. How hardware & software support in various MIS activities of the organization? Explain the transaction stages from manual system to automated systems?

Hardware support for MIS

Generally hardware in the form of personal computers and peripherals like printers, fax machines, copier, scanners etc are used in organization to support various MIS activities of the organization.

Advantages of a PC : Advantages a personal computer offers are –

a) Speed – A PC can process data at a very high speed. It can process millions of instructions within fraction of seconds.

b) Storage – A PC can store large quantity of data in a small space. It eliminates the need of storing the conventional office flat files and box files which requires lots of space. The storage system in a PC is such that the information can be transferred from place to another place in electronic form.

c) Communication – A PC on the network can offer great support as a communicator in communicating information in the forms of text and images. Today a PC with internet is used as a powerful tool of communication for every business activity.

d) Accuracy – A PC is highly reliable in the sense that it could be used to perform calculations continuously for hours with a great degree of accuracy. It is possible to obtain mathematical results correct up to a great degree of accuracy.

e) Conferencing – A PC with internet offers facility of video conferencing worldwide. Business people across the globe travel a lot to meet their business partner, colleagues, and customers etc to discuss about business activities. By video conferencing inconvenience of traveling can be avoided.

A block diagram of a computer may be represented as


Input unit is used to give input to the processor. Examples of input unit –Keyboard, scanner, mouse, bar code reader etc.

A processor refers to unit which processes the input received the way it has been instructed. In a computer the processor is the CPU – Central Processing Unit. It does all mathematical calculations, logical tasks, storing details in the memory etc. Output unit is used to give output s from the computer. Examples of output unit – Monitor, printer, speakers etc.

Organization of Business in an E enterprise – Software Applications in MIS

Internet technology is creating a universal bench or platform for buying and selling of goods, commodities and services. Essentially Internet and networks enable integration of information, facilitate communication, and provide access to everybody from anywhere. And software solutions make them faster and self-reliant as they can analyze data information, interpret and use rules and guidelines for decision-making. These enabling capabilities of technology have given rise to four business models that together work in an E enterprise organization. They are:

• E business
• E communication
• E commerce
• E collaboration

These models work successfully because Internet technology provides the infrastructure for running the entire business process of any length. It also provides email and other communication capabilities to plan, track, monitor and control the business operations through the workers located anywhere. It is capable of linking to disparate systems such as logistics, data acquisition and radio frequency used systems and so on. Low cost connectivity physical, virtual and universal standards of Internet technology make it a driving force to change conventional business model to E business enterprise model.

Internet has enabled organizations to change their business process and practices. It has dramatically reduced cost of data and information processing, its sending and storing. Information and information products are available in electronic media, and is a resident on the...
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