Topics: Production line, Quality control, Sampling Pages: 7 (2143 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Name :- Harshil Mayurkumar Shah Roll No. :- 1302001415
Program Code :- Flexi MBA
Semester :- 2nd
Subject Code :- MB0044
Subject :- Production and Operation Management

Q1. State the important considerations for locating an automobile plant. Answer-

To locate an automobile company or plant many thing should be consider. For an automobile plant automated flaw lines, automated assembly lines, flexible manufacturing systems, global transition rapid prototyping. Building manufacturing flexibility things are necessity.

Machinery Layout:-
The processes involved in getting things done have to be detailed out in terms of materials required, the sequence of the various activities of the process and their movements from one location to another. The equipment required, their capabilities and the personnel required to man them have to be determined and provided for. Quantities that need to be moved, balancing the loads to meet the production requirements will have to meet the plans that have been formulated. The essence of planning is the determination of activates that need to be performed at a future date to meet demands that have been forecast based on market surveys and forecasting. Different types of layouts are in vogue depending upon the product, the process and the type of production. Another main consideration is the material handling that is required for the raw materials, goods in process and the finished goods. We will consider them in detail

Product Layout:-
These are also called production lines or assembly lines. They are designed and laid out in such a way that only a few products are capable of being manufactured or assembled. Materials flow through the various facilities. These use special machines to perform specific operations to produce only one product at one time. So companies set different set of machines for different machines. Workers perform a narrow range of activities to complete the operations on the product as it moves in a flow line. The skill required of the workers is low. Supervision is minimal. Training needs are small. The main concern is to keep a check on the processes so that quality is assured. Since the quantities that get manufactured will be continuous, corrective measures have to be implemented immediately to avoid rejections. Another problem is behavioral in that the workers tend to be bored and lose concentration as jobs are repetitive and may affect productivity and quality. The operations 1 to 5 happen in a sequence and testing of sub assembly, to which area some components –whether bought-out items or made elsewhere in the plant arrive for assembly. Q2. Explain essentials of Project Management Philosophy

Project management is defined as the act of assembling people to systematically achieve a shared goal, then it has existed since ancient history. Think of the Egyptians erecting the Great Pyramid of Giza or the first Emperor of China commanding the manual labor of millions to build the Great Wall of China. Despite new method developments and technology changes over time, project management has kept its core goal intact: to deliver successful projects in a clear and effective way. Dialogue and Cooperation: We emphasize a consultative, inclusive approach to project implementation. The involvement of counterparts in the design and implementation is essential to ensure that change management programs are effective and supported. Ownership and Empowerment: It is important to emphasize the development of local talent. We are keen on empowering staff based on solid risk management approaches and motivational strategies. We enjoy coaching project staff and interns in field offices on all aspects of project management, including human resources, turn around and change management, donor relations, internal financial control and work...
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