Mb0043–Human Resource Management-Sem-1

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MBA Semester -1
MB0043 – Human Resource Management
Question – 1 – Explain the scope of and functions of Human Resource Management (HRM). Ans :- The scope of HRM refers to all the activities that come under the banner of HRM. These activities are as follows: 1. Human Resources Planning

Human resource planning or HRP refers to a process by which the company to identify the number of jobs vacant, whether the company has excess staff or shortage of staff and to deal with this excess or shortage. 2. Job Analysis Design

Another important area of HRM is job analysis. Job analysis gives a detailed explanation about each and every job in the company. Based on this job analysis the company prepares advertisements. 3. Recruitment and Selection                               Based on information collected from job analysis the company prepares advertisements and publishes them in the news papers. This is recruitment. A number of applications are received after the advertisement is published, interviews are conducted and the right employee is selected thus recruitment and selection are yet another important area of HRM. 4. Orientation and Induction

Once the employees have been selected an induction or orientation program is conducted. This is another important area of HRM. The employees are informed about the background of the company, explain about the organizational culture and values and work ethics and introduce to the other employees. 5. Training and Development

Every employee goes under training program which helps him to put up a better performance on the job. Training program is also conducted for existing staff that have a lot of experience. This is called refresher training. Training and development is one area were the company spends a huge amount. 6. Performance Appraisal Once the employee has put in around 1 year of service, performance appraisal is conducted that is the HR department checks the performance of the employee. Based on these appraisal future promotions, incentives, increments in salary are decided. 7. Compensation Planning and Remuneration

There are various rules regarding compensation and other benefits. It is the job of the HR department to look into remuneration and compensation planning. 8. Motivation, Welfare, Health and Safety

Motivation becomes important to sustain the number of employees in the company. It is the job of the HR department to look into the different methods of motivation. Apart from this certain health and safety regulations have to be followed for the benefits of the employees. This is also handled by the HR department. 9. Industrial Relations

Another important area of HRM is maintaining co-ordinal relations with the union members. This will help the organization to prevent strikes lockouts and ensure smooth working in the company. Question – 2 – Define wage and salary. What are the factors for effective wage administration? Ans:- In the national accounts, in accordance with the System of National Accounts, wages and salaries include the values of any social contributions, income taxes, etc., payable by the employee even if they are actually withheld by the employer for administrative convenience or other reasons and paid directly to social insurance schemes, tax authorities, etc., on behalf of the employee. Wages and salaries may be paid in various ways, including goods or services provided to employees for remuneration in kind instead of, or in addition to, remuneration in cash. Wages and salaries in cash consist of wages or salaries payable at regular weekly, monthly or other intervals, including payments by results and piecework payments; plus allowances such as those for working overtime; plus amounts paid to employees away from work for short periods (e.g., on holiday); plus ad hoc bonuses and similar payments; plus commissions, gratuities and tips...
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