Maze Runner Essay

Topics: Sun, Solar wind, Earth Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Maze runner Essay
By: Brandon Stewart

In the maze runner the world was hit by a massive solar flare which ruined a lot of the land on Earth. Because of this there was not enough food and supplies for everyone to have enough to eat and survive so the government created a disease called the “flare”. This disease is a brutal disease in which eats away at the human brain and causes people to turn into blood thirsty beings called “Cranks”. Because this disease got out of hand and the scientists had no way of curing it they experimented on intelligent children and trapped them in a place called the “glade”. In order to leave the glade this children must go out into the maze and find their way out but if they do not return back to the glade before dark the “grievers” will attack them and kill them. I do not think there is much correlation towards when the book was published and how the world is now but she may have been making a reference to places such as India, China, and some parts of Europe where the world is somewhat overpopulated. Even now many of these people in these areas suffer from scarcity of food, supplies, and health care. So my best guess is that he had those areas in mind when writing the book. Also many scientists predicted sun flares hitting the earth and creating extreme damage and maybe he thought that would be a good thing to have in his book to make it more interesting. Lastly another thing that may have influenced him into making this future is the swine flu. During the time this book was being written and published the epidemic “Swine Flu” was being spread. Although not many people were affected by it or had died from it, it could have been a devastating disease if scientists hadn’t found a cure and controlled the disease. Maybe the author added the “flare disease” into the book to correlate towards the swine flu but with much harsher effects and maybe the author added the “sun flares” into the book to correlate to the predictions of the...
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