Maze Runner

Topics: Courage, Hero, Leadership Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Thomas, an Incidental Hero
A hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, who sacrifices himself for other people, and leads people through difficult situations. In the book, The Maze Runner, there were many heroes but Thomas was the most heroic character. Even though Thomas was a new member of the Glade, he demonstrated his courage, his self- sacrifice for the good of others, and leadership. Thomas possessed all of these heroic qualities and more. From the beginning of the book, Thomas was always courageous. Even though he lost his memory and did not know where he was, he did not break down, and he tried to adapt with the new environment. His first heroic act happened when he ran out of the Glade into the Maze to save Minho and the injured Alby, when they could not come back to the Glade before the Doors closed. Knowing that he had to stay in the Maze the whole night to fight against the Grievers, they were deadly mechanical monsters that came out at night to kill humans, Thomas was not concerned about his own safety. When Minho abandoned Thomas and Alby, instead of fleeing to save himself and leave Alby behind, Thomas pulled Alby off the ground and wrapped him with vines, to keep him away from the Grievers. Not only did Thomas help Alby get out of harm way, he ran the opposite way to distract the Grievers from finding Alby’s hiding spot. Thomas bravely fought the Grievers and tricked them to roll off the cliff. Thomas was kind, compassionate, and selfless. He befriended Chuck, a Slopper, a person who performed an unskilled job. Throughout the book, Thomas always cared and protected Chuck, because he was young, clumsy and unskilled. Thomas got along with most of the people in the Glade. Thomas always considered the wellbeing of the community before himself. He purposely got himself stung by the Grievers, so that he could regain his memory with the hope to find information from his past to help the Gladers to...
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