Mazda Case

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Case study

Mazda case

Question 1:
Companies , including cars manufacturers are realizing that effective communication involves more than just the tactical use of the traditional marketing communication tools. Therefore, the IMC process is very important especially to the cars market since it is rapidly changing environment concerning demographics, lifestyles, media use, and buying patterns. IMC is very important in the car industry since it helps create a reputable brand name among competitors. Moreover, building and maintaining brand identity and equity require the creation of well-known brands that have favourable , strong and unique association in the mind of consumers. Those buyers need to be excited by offering test drives to better understand the vehicles specification. Or free product Giveaway which will generate some buzz like pens, hats, T-shirts and key chains with the car logo branded on . The IMC strategy depends on the type of product market, how the product will be available to the public, consumers and the need for new prices and product. The protégé model was intended to be repositioned as a cool, fun to drive car for young generations. Mazda gave this model a major push on the internet through banner ads on a number of websites and portals such as yahoo, excite, America online Autocenter, CarPoint, and MTV. It also mailed a CD-ROM with music, movie reviews and interviews of people who requested more information about the car. The promotion of Mazda 6 included different elements of the promotional mix. Commercials were designed to reflect a certain grown-up image and shots where the car was shot while performing. Print advertisement accounted for 12% of the overall budget with ads being run in enthusiasts” magazines as well as in lifestyle and newspaper. Question 2:

“Get in. Be moved” was the first slogan used by Mazda. This slogan was very successful as it was the brand theme for all the cars models. But Mazda was still lacking a...
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