Mazak Worcester Visit Report

Topics: Assembly line, Employment, Industry Pages: 6 (1974 words) Published: December 8, 2010
1. Introduction
A report is based on my personal visit to a factory of the Mazak company, based in Worcester. The aim of this work is to evaluate processes within the company and to identify whether it is using Fordist practise or not. Mazak is privately owned by a Japanese family named Yamazaki. It is the world largest producer of sophisticated computer numerical control tools (CMC). It has 8 factories in places such as USA, Japan, UK, China and Pacific Rim. It employs around 6000 staff around the world. In the Worcester factory it employs around 500 people plus a number of contract workers. The company manufactures an extensive variety of products, and generates sales of over £3.5bn per annum. It operates within in a highly competitive and dynamic market. 2. HR policies:

People are the key factor for success for every organisation, it is people who make things work, who can bring ideas to life; on the other hand they can, of course, destroy an excellent business. Mazak has several HR policies which were introduced to keep their staffs interests fulfilled and to maintain motivation. Stable employment:

‘Perhaps the most widely publicized aspect of personnel management in Japan is the provision of lifetime employment’ (Oliver and Wilkinson 1992: p.43). Mazak is no exception; a policy of stable employment is one of the main HR policies within the company. Business is managed in a way to ensure that every worker is confident that their job is secure. The number of contractors and temporary employees varies, but the permanent staff retain their positions.

Performance based salaries:

Permanent personnel at the Mazak factory have an opportunity to regulate their salary, because it is linked to their performance. Such a policy builds strong loyalty for the company and also increases employee performance. It is applied only to permanent personnel, and not the contractors and temporary staff.

Single Status Policy:

The Company’s principle is that everyone should be treated in the same way, whether it is a permanent employee, temporary or contractor. Whilst walking through a site you will not be able to distinguish who has permanent and temporary contracts. Everybody uses the same parking, same uniform, same rest areas and work in the same departments.

Teamwork and individuals:

As in every organisation teamwork is essential to achieve company’s goals which are common for different members; however every team is built from a number of individuals. In an organisation such as Mazak, individuals play the most significant role in the company’s development. This is because the company deals with high technology products and needs strongly motivated people with good attitude and ambitions. Mazak tend to employ not so much highly skilled people, but rather those who have a strong will to work and develop the company’s products and its environment. This policy is delivering good progress for the company, however it is very hard to manage highly motivated people. The main reason for this is that highly motivated people are more demanding and they are always looking for development within the company. There is strong mutual commitment between individuals and company which generates great results and ideas. To keep individuals interested in their work a company provides an opportunity for career growth. Promotion is a common thing within the company, 10 from 12 managers have been promoted internally. Also the company provides constant training and development for their staff, to improve understanding and performance on the existing job as well as teaching new skills. There are various methods of training which are identified through regular discussions with managers. All training actively involves members of staff in development and expressing ideas; not just through the provision of information.

Employment concepts:

To achieve company’s goals and to be successful Mazak treats people as its most valuable resource...
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