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Strategic planning and evaluation is extremely complex for every organization. The Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical organization that services three metropolitan areas: Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona, Jacksonville Florida and Rochester Minnesota. It’s known for specialization in hard-to-treat diseases, and also known for their innovative and effective treatments for diseases that have gone undiagnosed or under-treated in the same patients with other doctors. Health care is the single most important and essential service that touches the lives of everyone worldwide today. The competition is fierce, and that is why the Mayo Clinic’s founders and co-founders have integrated strategic objectives that will shape and guide the direction of their future as they know this is crucial to the productivity and the longevity of their organization.

Dr. William Worrall Mayo (a pioneering physician) established the very first Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in 1863. Dr. Mayo had a zeal for medicine and considered practicing medicine to fall under the guidelines of what he felt to be a family tradition. In 1883 is son Doctor William James Mayo joined him and in 1888 is other son Doctor Charles Horace Mayo followed. Through watching their father practice medicine for years, is what too gave them a zeal for medicine and venture out and follow into his footsteps and practice medicine. It was in 1883 that a tornado swept through Rochester leaving in its wake, both fatalities and injuries. This unfortunate experience is what inspired Mother Alfred Moes, a nun, of the “Sisters of Saint Francis” teaching order, to request Dr. Mayo and sons alongside them, to build the first general hospital in Southeastern Minnesota. This was the world’s first private integrated group practice. “The 27-bed Saint Mary’s Hospital opened in 1889 as a result of this partnership.” (Medical Foundation of Education and Research copyright 2001-2011). It was in 1919, “that the Mayo brothers dissolved their partnership and turned the clinic's name and assets, including the bulk of their life savings, to a private, not-for-profit, charitable organization now known as Mayo Foundation.” (Medical Foundation of Education and Research copyright 2001-2011). Dr. William W. Mayo felt deeply that they should give back to those individuals that gave to them, that started the organization; and that could only be accomplished through medical education. From this point on, the Mayo’s, their associates and all other potential Mayo Clinic physicians; could not receive a salary or profit personally from any proceeds established from the practice. Any income gained beyond this point from operating expenses, must be contributed to education, patient care and/or research. A board of governors and a committee system was established by the brothers to “present effective oversight of many aspects of Mayo life, thereby reinforcing the cooperative spirit of the founders. (Medical Foundation of Education and Research copyright 2001-2011). It was in the late 1980’s that the Mayo Clinic took the initial step to expand the organization beyond the state of Minnesota. In 1986 a clinic was established and launched in Jacksonville, Florida and again in 1987 in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was not until 1998 the Mayo Clinic reached their milestone by opening the Mayo Clinic Hospital located in Phoenix, Arizona. This two hundred bed facility was designed to incorporate technology into all aspects of patient care and experiences which required extensive and costly investments of information technology systems. The organization realized that “Technology was no longer a thing of the past that was once referred to as a “back of the office support enabler,” (Medical Foundation of Education and Research copyright...
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