Mayo Clinic

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The CEO has decided to expand their international sales revenues by 100% over the next 5 years.

To support such a strategy, we have to conduct marketing research.

The first step is to use available secondary information.
The first information that you can collect is about our sales revenues and costs. The objective is to know our general revenues and costs this year but also find the origin and this revenues and costs. You have to search, which service: * Is the most frequented or demanded

* provides the best revenues (per patient)*
* induces the most costs (per patient)
* provides the best profitability (per patient)
*giving the information per patient permits to remove the way of the number of patient frequenting the service In the most frequented service(s), it is required to focus on the “excellent service care”, key driver of patient’s satisfaction, to amplify the power of word-of-mouth-communication. It’s recommended to promote the services with the best revenues and profitability per patient to attract more of them. Another source of information, which can help us to conduct the strategy of the CEO is the international patients data. It gives us the following information by the quarter * Trends by country or region: evolution from quarter to quarter, from year to year * Changes in volume

* Hospitalization rates
* Percentage of new patients
This data can be combined with general data, giving by studies conducted and statistical documents, on growth in the healthcare industry, as well as the technology levels of development. Knowing that some counties deliver more “new” patients, we have to identify which are the ways to increase this tendency.

Crossing information of services delivering the best revenues and information of countries with the best perspective of increase in new patients, we can focus our communication about services which cover the best revenues and...
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