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Cosmetics sector
International retailer
Maybelline New York

Company Backgrounds
The Maybelline Company was created by New York chemist T.L Williams in 1995. In his early 20s, he noticed that his younger sister applying a mixture of Vaseline with coal. The product was local hit, but the awkward name held it back. His sister, who inspired the product, was named Maybel. So T.L Williams re-named it Maybelline, a combination of Maybel and Vaseline. It is under this name that Maybelline has achieved its now legendary status in the field of cosmetics. The key of successful of by Maybelline New York is has a modern product and good technology suitable target market who want Maybelline New York. And executive of Maybelline New York is also incisive view and expectation that Maybelline must be easy to reach consumer. Nowadays, Maybelline New York is leader of cosmetics. Maybelline New York is cosmetic brand ranking first in the world and available in over 90 countries worldwide product Maybelline New York are sold in retail pharmacies, retail sales of affordable, supermarkets, shop specific products for beauty almost everywhere in Australia. The slogan of Maybelline New York is “Maybe She’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.”

Maybelline Face Products- Maybelline offers a wide range of products, foundation, concealer, powder, blush and bronzer. Maybelline Eyes- Maybelline carries an extensive range of eye products to help bring out the natural beauty in your eyes such as eye shadow, liner and brow and mascara. Maybelline Lips- Maybelline has also an extensive range of lip products that are lip color, lip gloss and lip liners. Segmentation

The segmentation of Maybelline New York:
* Youngster : 16-25 years old
* Office lady: 26-35 years old
* Career women: 35 above
The target market of Maybelline New York is audience of 16 to 25. Strategy of the company
Product of Maybelline New York can be found in major mass-market retailer including...
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