Maybeline Target Market

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  • Published: March 17, 2012
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Maybelline target market research

Maybelline is an international cosmetic brand, now owned by L'Oreal that has been created originally in 1915 by its founder chemist T.L. Williams when he was only in his twenties. Williams was inspired by his younger sister after noticing her applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to get a fuller darker look, and that is when he adapted this idea and started applying it in his small laboratory, and started growing bigger from there until Maybelline became an internationally recognized name in beauty industry.

Maybelline uses different types of media to promote for their high quality products, such as television, magazine advertisements as well as online marketing.

They also distribute their products to major retailers including drugstores, discount stores, and super as well as cosmetic stores.

Maybelline hires famous female figures as company representatives to boost their marketing strategies, such as Julia Stegner, Jessica White, Erin Wasson, Kemp Muhl and Emily DiDonato.

 “You’ve got to understand your target market, if you don’t understand them, you won’t know where to find them, what they’re looking for and what they respond to” Lea Woodward

Researching target market is what helps any company find the people who are interested in the services or products the company offers. By researching target market, companies gather systematic information, recordings and data relevant to the products they are selling or the service they are offering, to be able to be able to make the right decisions about the business and find out more about people who might be especially interested in what they offer. By identifying potential costumers, companies can improve their strategies, and provide better services to please current consumers, and target new ones.

There are two types of costumers to be targeted, individual costumers or other businesses.

For a company such as Maybelline cosmetic brand, they deal with both types of costumers, they need to deal with other businesses in order to distribute their products, and they also need to reach individual costumers to drag people to their company and to be able to stand out among all other competitors.

In this report about Maybelline target market research, we will be conducting a research for individual costumers.

Maybelline targets confident women with stronger personalities who "explore new looks, and flaunt their own creativity and individuality" Maybelline official website.

In researching Maybelline's products, I found that Maybelline has two different lines of products:

1. It's mostly known for their bold strong shades of colors, they're aim is to encourage women to be more outgoing, and brave when it comes to trying new, different looks, but are still looking for affordable prices.

That type of thinking is mostly available in young women who are: • Young and outgoing
• still exploring their identity
• Confident enough with how they look to explore new colors. • Enthusiastic
• Beauty conscious
• Economically conscious

That type of personality is usually in teenagers to early twenties young women, from 16 to 24 years old. Usually more carefree and open about new ideas, still young and beautiful, have no jobs yet, or has a small job therefore cannot afford pricy products.

2. The other products Maybelline is well known for is flawless, anti aging foundations and a classical line of colors and shades that is aimed for women who are looking for classic beauty and natural looks.

That type of products gets the attention of women who are:
• Older in age and do not prefer to wear flashy colors • Office women who have jobs that require a neat and elegant look • Starting to worry about wrinkles and aging skin and prefer products that give them a younger look • Care enough about their beauty to buy cosmetics, but have more priorities that leave...
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