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English is an important language for people in order to use it for communication. It provides 4 kinds of English such as: writing, Speaking, Reading and listening. Sentence has plays main role for Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. If we don’t know the way to write sentence, how can we speak, or Read?

According to an Assignment of cultural teacher that gives topic to us to write about clause. We try our best to research some documents that relate to how to write clause and show in this assignment book. Although we try to research, but we strongly believe that it still has some mistakes happen by time. We would like to apologize for all mistakes that occur in this assignment book. We are happy to receive from your advice to construction this book. Finally, I’d like to wish to my teacher to be healthy, lucky, wise ...

First, I would like to thank for our parents that tried from their best to send us to study from school until university. They support us everything not only money, but also motivate us to try hard for our study. We’d like to thank for our lecture: Ly Deuckhang that try to teach us and make us understand clearly about this subject. I also thank to all my friends and discuss until reach to create this assignment. Finally I’d like to thank to his Excellency Mr. Nhem Sachak the director of (SADI), who organizes all infrastructures of management. And all staff and lecturer that try to organize something that I need to my study.

 A clause is a group of words containing a subject and a verb .Clauses are divided two types: • Independent clause (main or principle clause)
• Dependent clause (subordinate or sub-clause)
           I.            Independent clauses An independent clause is a complete sentence .It contains the main subject and verb of a sentence .It can stand alone as a sentence by itself.           An independent clause = Subject + verb + (complement) Example: The thief ran away.

                That is the book.
               Hob said loudly.
        II.            Dependent Clauses
A dependent is not a complete sentence .It must be connected to an independent clause.           A dependent clause = Subordinator + subject + verb + complement Example:
•When she saw the police.
• Which I want.
• That he was tried.
But we put another sentence with each of them, and then they do make sense. • The thief ran away when she saw the police.
• that is the book that I saw.
• Hob said loudly that he was tired.
ϖ€ Clause connector
a)      Subordinators (subordinating conjunction)
After before than when which although even though whenever while as how unless where whom as soon as since if until what whether because so that. b)      Coordinating (coordinating conjunction)
There are only seven coordinators, which you can remember by the phrase. FANBOYS: for   and   nor but or yet so
c)      Conjunctive Adverbs
Accordingly   hence   likewise           nonetheless       for example     besides            d          however Meanwhile     otherwise         in addition       consequently   indeed moreover         therefor           In contrast     furthermore     on the other hand        nevertheless     instead. Noun Clause

A noun clause is a dependent clause that functions as a noun. It can be a subject, object, or subject complement. Example:- I know that the people have different opinions about capital punishment.                               (Noun clause as an object)                 -Where he has signed the contract or not doesn’t matter.                 -If that what you want to know, why don’t you ask him?            I.            Type of noun clause There are three types’ dependent noun clauses:

1.      That clause                                              made form statements  2.      Wh-question                                           made from Wh-question 3.      Yes/No question clause                          made...
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