Mayan Essay

Topics: English-language films, Game, Play Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: January 17, 2013
By Barry Peterson

Last time you lost a game you didn’t die did you, didn’t think so. The Mayans weren’t so lucky they would be sacrificed if they lost a game.

The Mayans made a game to represent the “battle of light and dark (day and night)”. The game would be played with two teams each with two or three players and they would try to get a rubber ball through a twenty-seven foot high hoop that goes horizontal. They would play this game using only their hips that were thankfully padded. When the game was over the losers were sacrificed. I am so happy we don’t play that anymore, so no more sacrificing.

The Mayans had this huge obsession with stars. They believed they could tell the future by watching the stars every day and track their movement. Doing this obviously took many years through many lifetimes. The Mayans even made a calendar that ends on a so called doomsday, December twenty-first two thousand and twelve. Thankfully many scientists say it’s very unlikely. So we don’t have to make underground apocalypse chambers.

The Mayans had some great architectural buildings like the Egyptian’s pyramids they buried important people in them like priest, and obviously rulers. The Mayans made their temples with stone and put the designs in with stone tools. Some of their carving consisted of gods others had dates and who knows what else they could have drawn into their buildings.

Well now that it's past doomsday we can just laugh and say being wrong wont end the world.
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