Mayan Civilisation

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Who were the Mayans and how did their society structure?

The Mayans were an advance Mesoamerican civilization. The term Maya used to describe people who share the same history, religion, culture, and language. Unlike the Inca or the Aztecs, the Maya were not one unified empire The Maya created a complex society that includes literature, art, mathematics, astronomy and scientific calendar. The Maya civilization began to develop through pre-classic and classic period.

In the early pre-classic period 2600 B.C-2000B.C, the people first came to Mexico and Central America, the beginning of agriculture. The Mayans were living as hunter-gatherers in the rain forests and volcanic hills of the region. At this point, these people lived in caves, rock shelters and open camps in the rainforests of Yucatán Peninsula and there was no ruler. The foods they ate were maize, squash, beans, and chili peppers and wild animals that they killed. Their clothing was made of animal skins. In 1800 B.C to 1000 B.C., Mayan settlement spread to the drier lowlands forest southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras and the rocky highland. During this time, basic trade was developed successfully, linking the city-states and made cultural exchange easier. The Maya civilization began to develop

The classic period was the greatest achievement of the Mayan civilisation; they were the most advanced people in this period and owned several hundred of cities. The larger cities governed the smaller cities around them. To determine the Mayan’s life in their society they formed the three classes of people. At the top class were the king, priest, scribes, and members of the Maya nobility. Next was the professional class: architecture, merchants, warriors and large landowners. Next were the commoners: craft men, small farmers, workers on large estates, labourers and domestic servants. At the bottom, the lowest class were slaves. Each Maya city had its own king. The king lived an easy life in...
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