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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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If you seen Tim Burton films you was probably a little freaked out at first. His movies has a weird kind of message. In all his movies the main chacater is always the one learning the lesson. All his movies are very dark but has a happy theme to the message

A element used in Burton’s films is the element of distinctive characters. Characters that don’t fit in to society and are frowned open in a way. Characters outside the norm. We see the use of this element in most of Burton’s films, for example in Edward Scissor hands. Edward lives in a mansion on top of a hill away from the rest of society, he dresses all in black and has a pale face making him stand out in an odd way to the people around him who are dressed in bright colors. In Ed Wood, Ed Jr is outside the norm and seen as a freak because he likes wearing woman’s clothing even though he is straight, and his girlfriend dumps him because of this. Sweeney Todd again he doesn’t fit into society because of his hatred and the only person he relates to and likes enough to not kill is Mrs. Lovett. These characters are the main characters the way they dress plays a big part in the movies and it makes the character unique.

The Lighting also plays a big role in the movies. The lighting brings a type of mood to the movie. In Charlie and the chocolate Factory the lights was bright then dark. For example when the contestants walk into the chocolate factory and are standing in front of the factory it’s very dark and pale. The whole mood change from creepy to happy when the contestants enter the factory the color change its very bright the whole mood change from spooky to happy and friendly. In Edwards Scissors Hands the beginning its very dark and Edward is very pale. The theme changes though it turns from very dark to very bright