Maya Angelou Stories Essay

Topics: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou, Life Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Maria Alejandra Silva
Ms. Bailey
English I Block A
17 January 2013
Maya Angelou, within amazing stories has revealed the importance of perseverance, staying strong in moments of struggle, having the will to overcome difficulties, as well as having dreams that sometimes seem unreachable and yet believing that it is a gift to survive. In many of her motivating quotes, she expresses, “I’m always inspired by men and women who rise…That ability to rise is nobleness of the human spirit.” This clearly displays how her optimism in life has made her rise when fallen and has helped her make life teaching contributions by writing stories and poems that become valuable for all humans to endure life’s rough path also helping readers see life with a different perspective. In the stories, “I know why the Caged Bird Sings”, “New Directions”, and in the poems “Caged Bird” and “Woman Work”, Angelou has written about many of her own experiences and taught us what humans will encounter, “fail at, dream, and still survive.”

Even the ones who have suffered the most have a lot to teach. The story, “I know why the Caged Bird sings” and poem, “Caged bird” are important comparison regarding Angelou’s lesson. These contents are both similar since in the story, Angelou observes how all the cotton pickers long freedom making it a metaphor to caged birds in a way that all they want is to be free and able to fly. Most commonly, they both share the same feeling of being lost and trapped and lack the same rights as the ones that are free. The caged bird represents the cotton pickers and the African Americans meaning that they cannot have freedom and are ensnared in a world of no rest and hard work, regarding their colored skin.This shows how the cotton pickers and caged birds have dreams that sometimes even seem unreachable and impossible to defeat since they never even had the chance to think that someday, freedom would form part in their lives. Angelou reveals throughout these...
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