Maya Angelou’s “Champion of the World”

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Assignment #1: Maya Angelou’s “Champion of the World”

Questions on Meaning
1. What do you take to be the author’s Purpose in telling this story? I think the author’s purpose of writing this story was to tell about how she felt that Joe Louis was more then just a boxer. Joe was a hero to the African American community. She tells about how important it was for Joe to win the fight and what the outcomes could be if he did not win.

2. What connection does Angelou make between the outcome of the fight and the pride of? African Americans? To what degree do you think the author’s view is shared by others in the store listening to the broadcast?

“If Joe lost the fight we were back to slavery and beyond help.”I think that view was shared by the others in the store as evidenced by how everyone in the store was glued to the radio .The register was not rung because the noise from it may have been distracting. The radio was turned up to the last notch. Everyone in the store was listening intently they felt their future depended on the outcome.

3. To what extent are the statements in paragraph 16 and 17 to be taken literally? What function do they serve in Angelou’s narrative? These statement are not literal .The function of the statements are to set the scene of what the African American people have been through how important the outcome of the fight was to the African American population .Blacks had been hung, thought to be a lower class, beaten, women were raped, blacks were made to suffer. Then here was Joe Louis the a black man who was boxing a white man. He was getting the attention of white men which was unheard of in those days.

4. Primo Carnera was probably Brown Bombers opponent that night Maya Angelou recalls. Louis fought Carnera only once, on June 25, 1935, and it was not a title match. Does the author’s apparent error detract from her story? I do not feel like the error takes away from the story itself .Her Uncle Willie still had a store...
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