Maya and Bailey

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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There are many changes throughout the book “I know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Angelou; However, Maya’s and Bailey’s relationship was something that remained strong throughout the course of the book. It didn’t change much significantly, sure they both matured and didn’t depend on each other as much, but their strong connection and bond was always there. Bailey defended her anytime she needed it, protected her, and helped her when she needed advice.

Bailey and Maya were very close during the period they lived with their Grandmother and Uncle Willie. Bailey and Maya always hung around together and that’s when Bailey would here the mean ladies talk bad about Maya and how she wasn’t fair and was ugly. Now even though these ladies were mean, they were still grownup women that were not to be disrespected, if so pointed out and disrespected by a kid it would cause severe beating, but Bailey didn’t care as long as Maya was sad and talked about he defended her and said, “Oh Mizeriz Coleman, how is your son? I saw him the other day, and he looked sick enough to die.” And when the lady asked from what, he replied with “From the uglies” (pg 22). this caused Maya to smile because as long as she had Bailey she had nothing to worry about.

Bailey and Maya drifted during the time they lived with their mother and Mr. Freeman, which was the cause of Maya’s lack of talking with Bailey. Maya was raped by Mr. Freeman and was threatened by him that if she told anyone he would kill Bailey. Bailey of course was the greatest person in the world for her and loved him so much that she thought it was best to stop talking to him so he wouldn’t get hurt since she believed she was cursed. After her rape and the discovery of her panties from her mother and Bailey under Maya’s mattress, Bailey reassured Maya that he wouldn’t let the man that raped her kill him (pg 83). Because Maya trusted him she was able to tell him that Mr. Freeman raped her which led to his arrest. Bailey...
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