May the Force Be with Volkswagen

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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May the Force Be With Volkswagen
An Analysis of Volkswagen’s Super Bowl XLV Commercial

May the Force Be With Volkswagen
An Analysis of Volkswagen’s Super Bowl XLV Commercial
In 1977, a film was unleashed onto movie goers unlike any other. George Lucas created the ultimate science fiction movie that is still adored by millions of fans; young and old, proud nerds and closet nerds, male and female. Star Wars’ legacy is being passed down through generations, from those born at the time of it’s beginning to their children. Television viewers born in or around 1977 are now in their mid-thirties, which is the perfect time for someone to have a small family and purchase a reliable new vehicle. Volkswagen seized these ideas in their thoroughly entertaining and relatively effective commercial that introduced us to a little boy who wished to demonstrate his Jedi talents.

What child wouldn’t want to be Darth Vader and be able to use the force to move objects and control surrounding items simply by pointing their hands at them? Our young Darth Vader, throughout the commercial, makes several attempts to control certain things, like an elliptical machine and his family dog, to varying degrees. Unfortunately, he is disappointed and does not receive the desired results of his futile attempts. He finally gets it right when his dad comes home in a new Volkswagen Passat that locks and lights up as he conjures his powers. This commercial appeals to many audiences through use of emotions, humor, and logic, and lures the viewer to purchase a car that can be this easily controlled. Not just any car though, a Volkswagen.

If Volkswagen was attempting to speak to a wide audience, they hit the nail on the head by using a widely known icon from a popular movie. Chances are, most people know of Darth Vader and/or Star Wars and are therefore part of the majority population to whom Volkswagen hopes to appeal. There is a heavy dose of emotional appeal evoked from the...
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