May/June 2006 History Paper 1 Q6

Topics: World War II, Treaty of Versailles, World War I Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: March 24, 2013
May/June 2006 History Paper 1 Q6

When Hitler came to power, what did he hope to achieve with his foreign policy? When Hitler came to power, he wanted to achieve various things with his foreign policy. One of these was to create more ‘lebensraum’ for the Germans, and he planned on doing this by conquering countries in the east. He also wanted to unite all Germans, and this included Anschluss. He also wanted to destroy communism and reverse the Treaty of Versailles by remilitarising the Rhineland and taking back the Saar. Explain how Hitler destroyed the Treaty of Versailles.

When Hitler came to power, he did various things which destroyed the Treaty of Versailles. One of them was that Hitler ignored one of the most important points of the treaty – Anschluss with Austria. By ignoring the winning powers, Hitler had united a large number of German speakers which gave added power to Germany and as well as that, he showed and proved to himself that the ‘big’ and ‘powerful’ countries were not in any position to stand up to him, and this may have led him on to ignoring other parts of the treaty.

As well as that, Germany withdrew from the Disarmament Conference (1932-33) because nobody wanted to disarm to the level at which Germany had. The French flat out refused. This lead to Hitler leaving the conference, and started to re-arm as he felt it was unfair that Germany was forced to be the weakest nation. However, this re-armament broke the Terms of the Treaty, and nobody stopped him. Moreover, Hitler re-introduced conscription and started rebuilding his air force – both of which were forbidden in the Treaty of Versailles. This meant that Germany started becoming more and more powerful in military terms, which was against the whole point of ‘disarmament’ and led to more distrust against Germany. This also gave confidence to the German nation, as its army was a source of pride, and meant that it had the power to start pushing its own weight around and doing things it...
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