Maxis - Marketing Plan

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  • Published: September 1, 2010
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1.0 The Executive Summary

2.0 Integrated Marketing Plan Introduction

3.0 The Maxis Company Profile and Background

3.1 Types of Services Offered by Maxis

4.0 Mission Statement of Maxis

5.0 Strategic Thrust of the Integrated Marketing Plan

6.0 Maxis Company’s Key Success Factors

7.0 Situational Audit and Analysis

7.1 Macro - Environmental Analysis for the Maxis Company

7.1.1 P.E.S.T and S.W.O.T Analytical Frameworks for Environmental Analysis

7.1.1 Benefits of Using these Tools

7.2 SWOT Analysis for Maxis Malaysia

7.2.3 The Strengths of the Maxis Company

7.2.3 The Weaknesses of the Maxis Company

7.2.4 The Opportunities of the Maxis Company
7.2.5 The Threats of the Maxis Company

7.2.6 Important Findings of the SWOT Analysis

7.3 The P-E-S-T Analysis for Maxis Malaysia

7.3.1 Critical Analysis for the Malaysian Political Trends

7.3.2 Economic Trends

7.3.4 Social Trends

7.3.5 Technological Trends

7.4 Analysis of the Competition and the Market Situation in Malaysia

7.5 Analysis of Customers

7.6 Distribution

8.0 The Marketing Objectives of the Maxis Company

9.0 The Maxis Marketing Mix

9.1 The Product of Maxis

9.2 Pricing of the Maxis Product

9.3 Placement of Products of Maxis

9.4 Promotion and Advertising of the Maxis Product
10.0 The Strategy Recommended for the Improvement of the Maxis Product

11.0 Controls and Management of Integrated Direction of the Marketing Plan

12.0 Tactical Plans for Maxis

13.0 Proposed Sales Forecast

14.0 Budget

15.0 Conclusion

16.0 References

1.0 The Executive Summary

The integrated marketing plan here is very concerned with espousing an integrated strategy that is designed in order to enhance the current competitiveness of the Maxis mobile phone company through its service pack that it currently makes available to Malaysians. The Maxis company is one of the top performers within the Malaysian telecommunications...
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