Maxim Gorky

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  • Published : September 4, 2011
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 Mother tells the story of the metamorphosis of an obedient, timid housewife, and a reticent, inward-looking mother into a socially conscious, brave, combative activist in the process of the struggle. It is not just the story of class struggle, but also the spiritual evolution of the inner world of a mother that expands into universal humanitarianism, even as the wall between her and the world outside collapses in her gradual engagement in the struggle for justice and the truth. Mother, (Mothers perhaps...) relates herself to this hitherto unknown, but just cause through her own value systems as understood by her in the biblical idioms of justice and truth. Another very important aspect of this novel is the convincing description of the historical phenomenon of how capitalism, in spite of the wealth and prosperity it brings in for the few, is now bereft of its spiritual dimension. It is therefore incapable to lead human kind any further in its historical march from barbarity to a more civilized world, as it originally set out. It is because she is not just mother of Pavel Vaslova, a young working class leader condemned to Siberia by the Czarist Russia for openly defying the authority by organising May Day rally in a small town during 1902. But Mother, drawn into the world of struggle purely because of her love towards her son, realises the necessity of the struggle, and slowly becomes the mother of not only all the oppressed of the world but also the brave new egalitarian world. The novel does not only show Pelagea as the empowered woman. It also shows Natasha, Sasha, Ludmilla, and Sophia. Natasha and Sasha are from the upper class, yet their characters show that their hearts belonged to the proletariat and the socialist movement. In a way, this also shows that the only way for a revolution (not only a socialist revolution but also a feminist revolution) to succeed is the female bourgeoisies' readiness to surrender their property. The female characters who...
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