Max Weisberg: Can a Successful Bookie Have an IQ of 55?

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  • Published : November 15, 2005
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Max Weisberg is a successful bookie. He has made nearly $700,000 from illegal gambling, can repeat a string of numbers without any errors, and can do complex calculations in his head. However, Max only scored a 55 on an IQ test, making him borderline mentally retarded (Plotnik, 302). It seems highly unlikely that a person who can calculate and remember complex odds in his head can be labeled retarded. The three theories on intelligence—Spearman's Two-Factor Theory, Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, and Sternberg's Triarchic Theory—provide conflicting views on whether Max is retarded or not. According to Spearman's Two-Factor Theory, intelligence could be measured by the factors g and s. G is the general mental ability, and s is the specific mental ability in a certain area. Max's IQ is 55 so he scores very low on g, but since he is especially gifted in mathematics his score would be high for the s in mathematical abilities. However, the Two-Factor theory does not take into account the practical applications of Max's high s in math. G scores are based only on IQ test measurements; Max's career as a bookie, no matter how lucrative, would be completely ignored. Using Spearman's theory, Max would be labeled mentally retarded based only on his low IQ score. Gardener proposed the Multiple Intelligence Theory, where abilities other than cognition are used to measure intelligence. Gardener said there are at least eight types of intelligence—linguistic, logico-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal (Berk, 296). Max would score high in logico-mathematical intelligence because of his exceptional math skills. However, since he cannot understand other simple facts—such as the sun setting in the west and the illegality of being a bookie—he would score low to moderate in all the rest of Gardner's intelligence categories. According to Gardner, Max would be labeled exceptionally intelligent, but only in the field of...
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