Max Factor

Topics: Max Factor, El Corte Inglés, Cosmetics Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: January 29, 2013
For over 70 years Max Factor has been selling cosmetics to women in Europe, who want to look and feel glamorous.When they first entered the Spanish market in 1938, this brand was strongly associated to Hollywood and seen as themake-up used by Hollywood stars. Initially, they drove success by their innovative products such as Pan-Cake crème(foundation), and the strong desire of the consumer’s to capture some of the Hollywood starlit. 70 years later, Max Factor still strives to associate itself to a certain degree with Hollywood, and differentiates itself by its bold, flashy and exaggerated colors and techniques.Max Factor focuses on developing products that cater to all skin tones and types, focusing on quality, trendy, affordable,healthy and toxic-free make-up. One of Max Factors strengths is parent company owner, Proctor and Gamble, P&G.With P&G, Max Factor has increased capacity to innovate, access to many distribution channels, and a wider researchand development bandwidth. This relationship has leveraged partnerships with European designers and stylists and hasopened even more distribution channels given the leverage able strength of its consumer goods collection. Annually, MaxFactor brings in $1.2 billion USD for P&G and is a top brand in over twenty countries.

 Max Factor has strong brand awareness in Spain, but there are indications of flaws in the Max Factor business and brand strategy. P&G is, generally speaking to a mass consumer-goods powerhouse, but their experience with make-up brands is limited. P&G has allocated more financial support, resources and pursued more distribution channels for their other  brand CoverGirl. Max Factor has been slightly pulling away from its classical “Hollywood” heritage associations andmore towards a funky, bright, grunge appeal. In Spain, slowing sales and growing popularity for their competition pointsto a confused and disjointed strategy. Their recent campaigns appear to have flopped; their...
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