Maus I/Ii

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, World War II Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: April 14, 2013

The Holocaust was the most heinous tragedy of all time. In Art Spiegelman’s Maus I and Maus II, it is been explain this massacre through (of all platforms) a comic book. In Spiegelman’s book, his portrait of The Jews as mice and The Nazi as cats is precisely how the Jews were treated, like animals whose lives were without much value. Using the Maus I/II, I will identify five of the Nazi Holocaust Stages. 1.Life Before the Nazi’s:

Vladek born in Poland on October 11, 1906. And as a single young man he was working in the textile industry, he was living in Czestochowa, Poland. •Vladek meet Anja on December 1935.
Vladek moved to Sosnowiecz, Poland on December 1936.
Anja and Vladek got married on February 14, 1937.
Vladek and Anja traveled to Czechoslovakia the beginning of October, 1938 in order to stay in a Sanitarium because Anja was feeling depress and really nervous. •Bielsko factory in Poland was robbed on March, 1938.

2.World War II, 1939-1945:
Vladek is activated for military duty on August 24, 1939. •Anja moved back to Sosnowiecz, Poland on August, 1939.
Vladek is captured by the Germans on 1939.
Sosnowiecz is occupied on September 4, 1939.
Vladek went back home to his family from the P.O.W. camp in 1940.

3.Collection/Ghettoization 1940-1944:
Vladek and his family received an order to live Sosnowiecz, Poland to be relocated into the Stara Sosnowiecz quarter by January 1, 1942. (Not a real Ghetto) •Vladek and his family were relocated to Srodula, Poland in 1943. (Real Ghetto)

4.Deportation 1940-1944:
On May 10, 1942 all Jews over 70 years old were deported to Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia. •Vladek’s in-laws were deported on the Wednesday-vans to Auschwitz concentration/extermination camp in Poland on March, 1944. •Vladek was deported to Auschwitz/Birkenau in Poland during the summer of 1944.

5.Forced Marches 1945:
Vladek and the rest of the prisoners were forced to march out of Auschwitz...
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