Maus Script: A Survivor's Tale

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  • Published : June 9, 2011
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Maus Script: Part 2
A Survivor’s Tale

Setting: In Artie’s room at 7 a.m. in the morning. (Artie is lying in bed)
(The phone ringing)
Artie: ...Hello? (Yawning)
Vladek: Artie you awake? Come down here I need help moving a chair it is too heavy to lift on my own. Artie: Dad it’s 7 in the morning! Can’t this wait till later on today? I need my sleep. Vladek: (Acting anxious) No! Must be done now. Come we will eat lunch together and I tell you more for your book. Artie: (Groaning) Fine I’ll be over shortly.

Setting:In Vladek’s kitchen. (Vladek is sitting at table drinking water) Vladek: What took you so long? I moved the chair myself.
Artie: You couldn’t wait an hour for me? I came as fast as I could.
(Vladek ignoring Artie’s comment)
Vladek: Come sit down, I tell you more about Auschwitz.
(Artie pulls up a chair and sits down with pen and paper in hand) Setting: Auschwitz Concentration Camp

V.O. Vladek:After Anja and I were separated they lined us up and we had to give the Gestapo our papers. From there they gave us clothing with a number and from then on I wasn’t called by my name but, by my number. They put me in a building that had about 50 wooden bunk beds with no mattress. We slept 3 per bunk. The next morning while waiting in line for soup a Gestapo soldier was struggling sowing his sleeve so, I offered him help. Vladek: (Speaking German) Do you need help with that sir. I know how. Gestapo:Yes Jew help me! (Frustrated tone)

V.O. Vladek:I sowed it for him and he was happy after so, he said to follow him and he brought me to his building. He had piles of food on the table and he offered me it. Gestapo: Hear have as much as you want. This is for helping me. Vladek: Thank you sir. (Big smile)

V.O. Vladek:The officer and I spoke while I filled myself up with as much food as possible because I never knew when this would happen again. He seemed like a very good man and before I left he...
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