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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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THESIS: MAUS is an innovative, sophomoric novel which explains the Holocaust in an innocent, yet guilty view to convey the honesty and meaning behind A Survivor’s Tale. I Introduction
A: MAUS tells of the Holocaust from survivors
B: Thesis statement
II Comic Book
A: innovative techniques- bike wheel time portal
1 page 12 MAUS 1
a stationary bike- cannot get rid of pain
i tattooed arm held above Art (guilt)
B: innovative techniques- smoke squiggles
1 MAUS 1 page 76 squiggle like dialogue
a can be ?, !, or separating characters
i shows if a character is bored
III Holocaust
A war images- Jews are grateful for poor treatment
1 panel 1 page 26 MAUS II
a work is better than death to them
B war images- Art sprays bugs
1 panel 7 page 74 MAUS II
a bugs represent Jews/survivors in gas chambers
i ironically Art represents a NAZI
IV A Survivor’s Tale
A Guilt
1 Art’s guilt builds up like fatalities
a he is depressed because he survived
i page 41 MAUS II
2 Vladek insults Art’s choice in friends
a page 6 MAUS I
i does not mention holocaust, knows true friends
B Fear
1 Anja fears she will be arrested
a she helped translate papers for the communists
i Page 28 MAUS I
2 the Jews on the train are afraid
a they saw the terrifying swastika
i Page 32 MAUS I
V Conclusion
A Thesis Statement
B MAUS shows empowering truth of the Holocaust

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