Topics: Maus, Emotion, Art Spiegelman Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Nahza Hanna
AMS 250

Maus Response

It’s safe to say that Maus has become one of my favorite pieces of literature. I enjoyed entering the world of Art Spiegelman’s comics through this heart breaking story of romance, lose, survival, and guilt. I’ve never been interested in non-fiction literature but after reading these amazing books, I can’t get enough. Although these books are not written in a traditional sense, and there are more pictures than words, the emotions of the story cannot be missed. In some cases I thought it should be more of a diary than a book. Throughout the books you can almost feel every single emotion and feeling that was happening at that time. Spiegelman’s brilliant artistic work portrays such personal and deep meanings its hard to look away. While I was reading Maus I and II, I couldn’t help but relate myself to Archie, and time and time again Vladek reminded me of my own father. This story touches home to me personally because like Spiegelman I am first generation American. My father and his family were born and raised in the middle east, while my father was growing up he was faced with war and genocide, like Vladek he experienced lose, suffering, and death. My father later escaped the genocide and fled to America. Having gone through all these traumatic experiences like Vladek, they share the same mentality. Like Vladek my father is very frugal, cautious, and conserving. I can relate to Spiegelman in the sense of feeling detached from his culture. Growing up as the first generation outside of the country and culture that you are constantly reminded of can be a heavy burden. My father like Spiegelman’s expects me to grow and stay within his culture without any regard to the American culture I was really growing up in. Overall these compelling books have really helped me understand my own father and troubles. After reading these books I understand that there is at least one other person like my father, but most importantly...
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