Mauritius: Geographical and Demographic Traits

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  • Published : August 13, 2010
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2.1 Geographical Traits:

Mauritius is considered a paradise island, with beautiful beaches, that stretches 48km to the west and 62km to the north, with a total surface area of 1800km2. Mauritius is divided into 9 districts. Due to it its size, the geographical aspect allows us to target the entire island. Urban population refers to the population in the five Municipal Council Areas defined according to proclaimed boundaries , whos resident make up the urban population of a total of 42% INDEX MUNDI. The largest city is Port Louis with 147,000 Inhabitants, followed by Beau Bassin/Rose Hill,Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Vacoas/ Phoenix. Although the whole of Mauritius provides a market, a large percentage of respondents belong to the urban population, which would hence be the primary target market. Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate all year round, with two seasons: a warm humid summer and a relatively cool dry winter. This allows fairly similar traits all around the year, as there is no large weather difference.

2.2 Demographic Traits:

When identifying the appropriate target market for David Guetta, the research shows, that the demographic traits are as followed.

The group with similar interest, characteristics and behavior are single males and single females in the age range of 15-25. The Mauritian population (1.2 mil) is made up of Indian, Chinese, African & European decedents, who all show equal interest in David Guetta and there is no grouping or limitation evident according to religion (Hinduism, followed by Christianity & Muslims) or ethnicity, as they all show awareness and significances on the product. The prevailing occupation in the target market are students, at Secondary and tertiary level, which puts them in the “low” income group, however they influence spending of the family.

2.3 Psychographic Traits:

When analyzing the psychographic segmentation of the target market, the prevailing group are...
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