Maubanog Festival

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Public bath
At the end of San Buenaventura St. (corner Mabini), between Barangays Daungan & Mabato you will find this Public Bath (the sign disappeared).

The overflow water from the town's water reservoir goes here. Formerly, water continously flows out of the mouth at the front acting as water outlet - now water does not flow continously showing our dwindling resources.

Mornings will see many washing clothes here. You can take a bath here, but remember boys to the left and girls to the right.

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Maubanog Festival is a seven day cultural extravaganza that features the town’s colorful history amiable people, tasty cuisine and of course, its locally fermented only-in-Mauban nipa wine! Known for its unique aroma and tangy taste, the nipa wine, popularly known as lambanog, is one of Mauban’s top agricultural produce. Fermented for a number of weeks from nipa leaves, local wine makers from some 20 barangays of Mauban sell their produce locally and yet are looking forward to selling overseas as the present administration ties up with the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Agriculture to improve its taste and explore a myriad of possibilities. And yes, Maubanin wine makers are looking forward to the annual Maubanog Festival as its number one salesman as its number one salesman, as its number one creator of opportunity for Mauban lambanog to be known internationally! Thus, Maubanog festival is a most anticipated event in Mauban. It’s carnival! It’s the most joyous moment in Mauban! With activities that include a boat race, a street dancing competition, a wine drinking contest, a singing competition, a street party and concert, a benefit ball, an agricultural exhibit, a cultural presenstation, a fireworks display, and a lot more, Maubanog Festival says a mounthful about...
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