Maturity in 8th Grade

Topics: Sacrifice, Human sacrifice, Character Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: December 4, 2012
In different stages of life, no matter what the setting or the ethnicity is, humanity encounters similar experiences in life. As the time goes by, all the protagonists represent identical signs of maturing and exhibits empathy through family loyalty and overcoming certain obstacles. Each story contributes to the same universal themes. There are common universal themes connecting to different stories and convey similar messages .The unlike stories portray the diverse aspects of humanity where the readers can relate to.

Maturity is something what everyone goes through once in their life. Never mind where overseas someone lives, growing up displays as a universal theme. In Napoleon Dynamite, the protagonist is the target for many bullies at his school. After building a friendship with a new student named Pedro, Napoleon learns to be considerate of other people. Napoleon and his friend Debbie gives full support for Pedro’s school presidential election and Napoleon embraces to dance in front of the whole school just for Pedro. His skit and Pedro’s speech, “I will make all your wildest dreams come true “opens many students’ hearts. The Protagonist makes sacrifices which is an indication of definite maturity. On the other hand, Children of Heaven which takes in place in Tehran, expresses growing up in a more realistically presented in the adult world. Ali the protagonist loses his sister’s only pair of shoes. Replacing a pair of shoes means a fortune to the family’s difficult financial situation. Ali takes responsibility and manages to keep the whole “shoe “situation as a secret. Unlike his age, He sacrifices things like playing with his friends and helps his dad with his work. Although the two stories’s setting and the conflict is different, they convey similar meaning. Also both protagonists show their ability to solve problematic issues which means maturity.

Being sacrificial to someone takes enormous effort. In the same manner, Raymond’s run’s squeaky and...
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