Maturity Essay

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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Psychology Maturity essay
         When it comes to the question of environment affecting the maturity of teens, I would say Yes it does. I believe environment effects teens in many ways when it comes to maturity. For one, I believe it is almost the one and only key factor to child and teen maturity levels. Kids and teens will be effected by environmental causes because of the influences, such as family, friends, school and even more factors.          When it comes to environmental factors, kids and teens will be influenced by almost anything. TV is a huge factor to the maturity of kids and teens. From all of the immature TV shows, drama, influentially sexual music videos, comedies and more they will effect all if these still developing teens and kids. Even if your placed in an environment without any of this, kids and friends around you will be an influence. This is because environment will effect the development of maturity within these kids.          There are many factors to maturity when it comes to environment. If you were to compare kids of an older decade to the kids now, you would obviously think they the kids from the older decade would be more mature, and this seems true. I believe this is because of the over exposed to becoming lazy and not doing as much as the older generation. For example, computers now are making kids immature to to the idea that everything should be fast and easy to access, and giving kids the idea that they shouldn't work hard to achieve things and that everything is going to be easy to get.          Another factor is also nature environment. for example, when comparing a child that comes from a poverty stricken community or home when they are forced to work, and a wealthier child who isn't anywhere near the state of helping themselves by working, the poor kid would be more mature, but in a different way than the rich kid might be. I think the poorer kid would know more about being social, working and trying to live and...
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